Norman palacious, jr. | jxta | Summer 2017


dream with us 

Norman was a co-instructor for the enviro studio at Juxtaposition Arts. He assisted students with drafting dimensions, plan drawings and helped them use Adobe Suite. He also attended public engagement meetings to raise awareness for Jxta. These meetings also served to bring awareness to the northeast community about the Upper Harbor Terminal project and emphasize that the community can have an influential role on what actually gets built. One of his main projects was to create a booklet of personal interviews. These interviews were conducted by Katharine DeKrey, and Norman verified the interviews and helped compile the information. The booklet is intended to help share the community’s ideas with those leading the Upper Harbor Terminal project, such as the Park Board, developers, and investors.

Norman especially enjoyed interacting with the apprentices, whom he mentored on Saturdays through Jxta’s informal studio.  He would would talk about his own experiences, encourage the students to think of set goals for their future, and discuss possible avenues for achieving those goals.