LA 3004/5004: Regional environmental landscape planning

Instructor: Dave Pitt (

Fulfills: LA major, Sustainability Minor, Landscape Design and Planning Minor

Prerequisites: PA 5271 or LA 5131 or FR 3131 or Geog 3561 or Geog 5561 or equivalent

This course is intended to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills appropriate to understanding and undertaking regional environmental landscape planning practice.  One of the major challenges in planning and public policy today is the creation of spatial, temporal, and organizational frameworks that couple the operation of human and natural systems in the environment in a manner that creates sustainable communities and resilient multifunctional landscapes that produce multiple ecosystem services. The course provides an opportunity to develop rudimentary skills in regional environmental landscape planning and analysis. The course places particular emphasis on the creation and use of coupled human natural systems frameworks in designing sustainable cultural settlement patterns and resilient landscapes that deliver multiple ecosystem services. The course focuses on the proposition that ecological patterns and processes are vital informants of land use and associated infrastructure planning. In the laboratory portion of the course, students will become proficient in the use of ArcGIS software to assess various dimensions of ecological pattern and process. Students will also apply this software to the formulation of multifunctional landscape plans that are based on assessment various ecosystem services.